15 Health Choices Every Woman Should Make!

Make healthy behaviours a habit while you’re still young, and you’re more likely to hold onto them throughout your life. To that end, here are 10 health choices every woman needs to make by time she reaches the big 3-0. (And if you’ve already blown out 30 candles but haven’t made some of these choices yet, there’s still time — better late than never.)


Get Outside Regularly

Women who spend more time in green spaces are happier, healthier, and more even creative—but there’s been an increase recently in what some doctors are calling “nature deficit disorder.” Use these tips to add more nature to your life.

Ditch The Food Guilt

Not only is it just plain un-fun to sit around moping about that piece of chocolate you ate—but it may also sabotage any weight-loss goals you have. The truth is that it’s OK to indulge in sugary or fatty foods once in a while—and even if you do find yourself going overboard sometimes, beating yourself up about it isn’t going to help anything.

Drink More Water

It can help you lose weight, improve your mood, and keep you hydrated, and keep your skin fresh and vitalised.

Stand More

The more time you sit in a chair, the higher is your risk of suffering from obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Standing makes you active, keeps your joints healthy and working, and safeguards you from all these diseases.


Love Your Body

Your body does so much, even if you don’t like every single aspect of it. Learn to appreciate your body’s worth, and you’d be much happier and healthier because it.

Learn How to Cook at Least a few Truly Delicious Healthy Dishes

Recent studies show that if you enjoy the food you eat, it’s much easier to stick with a healthy-diet plan—whether it’s designed for weight loss or simply overall wellness and health. 

Find a Doctor you Love, or at least one you’ll Listen To

Your level of ease with your doctor and how comfortable you are with him is of extreme importance. When you like and trust your doctor, you’re more likely to share the information they need, listen to their recommendations, and follow their instructions. 

Practice Mindfulness Whenever Possible

Mindfulness has been related with lesser levels of stress, extra brain capacity, and other positive effects. Hence zoning out, or meditation would help you in achieving a healthier life.

Do Regular Health Checks

Mindfulness has been related with lesser levels of stress, extra brain capacity, and other positive effects. Hence zoning out, or meditation would help you in achieving a healthier life.


Get Your Vitamins From Your Food as much as Possible 

Doctor prescribed supplements are good in certain situations. But generally, a better idea is to gain as many vitamins and minerals you can from your daily diet. Hence it would be less likely to have any toxicity concerns.

Take Care of your Mental Health

Dealing with depression and stress diminishes our mental health, effecting our happiness and over all well-being. Psychological issues need to be treated and help of a professional therapist is much needed, hence they shouldn’t be ignored.

Swear Off Extreme Dieting

Extreme dieting is harmful for your health; according to a study, to lose more than a pound a week is dangerous to your health. It prevents your body from receiving all the necessary nutrients that it needs, and would eventually lead to bad effects of malnutrition and starvation.

Limit TV Time 

Keep your time to watch TV under strict observation, it has severe health related consequences on your body, and you are more likely to gain weight. It may have a negative impact on your relationships too. Keeping the minimum minutes for watching TV is a good idea.

Log 7-8 Hours of Sleep a Night

Skimping on shuteye doesn’t just leave you exhausted—it also comes with a host of health consequences.

Protect Your Heart

Scarily, a study says that one in every four women will die from a heart disease; choosing a healthy lifestyle, and a low cholesterol diet is a good idea. Treat yourself, but keep in mind that cholesterol and bad fats are bad for your heart. Also as said above, visit your physician regularly.


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